Fantasy Life

I thought I’d do a quick Google search of the word Fantasy so that I could see what people interested in Fantasy liked. This is the first step in my plan to attract fantasy readers.

I quickly realized unless I want to start writing and participating in Fantasy Football I needed to narrow down the search. Before I could do that, though, my husband let me know he’d gotten a small bonus at work, a bonus just the right amount to buy us, each, copies of Fantasy Life on 3DS.

Needless to say the freak out I had was a little bit overboard.

I started playing as soon as we put our daughter to sleep, five hours later I had to stop because I was so sleepy I couldn’t manage the controls properly. It’s ok, though, my husband, once again, was amazing and took our daughter out for a daddy daughter day. Another five hours later and I’ve barely blinked.

This game has almost everything I could possibly want. You have several career paths, or lives as their called in-game, that you can choose from and progress through. What makes this game so wonderful is that you can switch back and forth between the careers, for no money (dosh), but still keep the abilities.

Fantasy Life Careers

For example if you start off as a miner and then switch to being a blacksmith you can still mine for ore while blacksmithing. The only thing you can’t do is level up your ranking (ex: go from fledgling to apprentice, etc…), to do that just change your life again and you’re set.

The story is amusing and keeps you interested and entertained. Really liking the butterfly character. It has already telegraphed, pretty well, what’s going to happen and who is who, but that’s ok.

The only thing I would want them to add, and I don’t consider it a negative because the game is complete without it, but I would love to be able to get married and have kids. I like that aspect of Rune Factory and Harvest Moon and I hope that if they make a sequel they add in that option.

Fantasy Life is like a combination of Rune Factory, Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, and World of Warcraft. It’s an amazing game and easily my favorite of the year.

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