My First Foray into Marketing


This month has sucked, pretty hardcore, sales/free download wise. I went from two to three downloads almost every day, to several days in a row with nothing. That one star review has had a huge, negative impact. In the hopes that more people will like what I’ve written and hopefully give me more stars, I have scheduled my first promotion.

I’m using two options offered by bknights on fiverr. The first one will hit November 19th and the second will hit November 21st.

Oh my god I am so nervous. What if everyone hates it? What if I get flooded with one star reviews? What if no one downloads it?

I’ve written a story that I like and that I think is good, but I’ve also paid a very good editor to edit each episode. I’ve done everything I can (apart from new covers but come on they aren’t horrible, well they’re mostly not horrible) to put out a quality product and now I just have to hope that people like it. And do my best not to freak out and die before November 19th.


  1. Reviews do matter,it seems, but keep on keeping on – perhaps you just haven’t found the right readers yet. I’m very proud of my latest free short story collection but was dismayed to get a 3 star review (the first and only so far) but when I looked at the reviewers other reviews, I saw that she rated romance quite highly and that’s all she seemed to read. My collection is most decidedly not romance so that could be where the problem lies.


  2. Thanks for the encouragement. Maybe that’s why I got the one star, I’ve tried not to over analyze it, and I’ve avoided really looking into her review history. When you have a free book a lot of people will download it who don’t normally read that genre.


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