November 2014 Numbers

November was a busy month and it’s just the beginning of the holiday season. I planned to write Thanksgiving week but I ended up meeting my monthly goal early, which worked out great since baking, cooking, and family took over.




Writing Goal:                                                  7000

Words Written:                                               7881

Days Didn’t Write but Should Have:             1 (I’m not counting the week of Thanksgiving)

Days I Traveled:                                             5

Hours Spent Playing Fantasy Life:                 65


I’m glad I met my writing goal, but looking at those hours playing Fantasy Life I’m kind of embarrassed. It’s an awesome game and I plan on doubling that number, but maybe I should start keeping track of the time I spend writing, not just the words.




Books Sold                                                     2

Free Downloads                                              384

KDP Select Sales                                            6


So as you can see my free downloads took a huge leap. It was all, pretty much, on the day of my promotion. Sadly I didn’t get a sales bump and my free downloads quickly went back down to normal. In fact I had fewer sales this month than I had last month.

Overall I’m not sure if I’m happy with the promotion I ran. I definitely got downloads, but so far no reviews and only two sales. I did have one person go through and read the entire series through kindle unlimited, so that was nice, but it still doesn’t cover the investment.

Also, after I placed the order for the promotion, but before it ran, I got a five star review. I’m not sure if it was from the promo people or a legitimate review. Ultimately I decided not to look a gift horse in the mouth and be happy with my new review.

December is going to be another rough month, more so than November since there are several hundred miles of travel in our future. I’m still going to set my writing goal as though I’m planning to write Monday-Friday every week, but hopefully I meet my goal early again.

Now I’d like to end this post by saying I am so thankful for my readers. I realized that I don’t mention just how wonderful I think the people are that read what I’ve written. To know that there are people out there that saw my cover, read my blurb, and thought:

“Hey I’m going to download this, it looks mildly interesting.”

It’s an amazing feeling to know you are out there and I’m sorry I’m not giving you guys enough credit, so I’m going to work on that.

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