2015 Writing/Self-Publishing Goals

Tomorrow I’ll post all the “wonderful” numbers of December, with a few 2014 numbers thrown in. Today, just under the deadline, I’m going to post my 2015 writing/self-publishing goals.

2015 Writing/Self-Publishing Goals


Meet my monthly writing goal EVERY month

Actually finish some of the sixteen plus projects I’ve started

Publish at least one (preferably lots more) book/episode

Re-Brand Amelia Bennett Chronicles

Get new, professional, book covers for Episodes 1-6 of AB Chronicles

Create a box set for season 1

Create a paperback for season 1

Run a few ads

I’ve got a lot of self-publishing goals, mainly working on stuff I completed this year, and my writing goals really boil down to, write damnit. Pretty basic, but hopefully I’ll meet everything.

Happy New Year!!!!

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