December 2014 Numbers


Writing Goal:                                                      7700

Words Written:                                                   5417

Days I Didn’t Write but Should Have:           14 (This includes all the days I was traveling &                                                                                                                                   Christmas week)

Miles Driven:                                                       1500+

Cookies I Baked:                                                  340


It’s been a while since I didn’t meet my monthly goal and I’m embarrassed by the number of days I didn’t write but should have. I was busy, I traveled a ton, and I would be happy to not see another cookie for at least a week or two, but I still should have found time to write. I knew I should be writing, but I just didn’t. Sure I was tired and yes those numbers don’t include the time I worked at my part time job, but do I really want to accept excuses? No. What I really want is to make a living writing. I want to write all the stories that are forever popping into my head and then shove them out into the world so some unfortunate soul will find and read them. If I don’t work harder to meet my goals none of what I want will happen and I can’t let excuses get in the way. Maybe I’m being hard on myself, but sometimes you have to.



Books Sold:                                                    8

Free Downloads:                                             59

KDP Select Sales:                                           8


I met my first month in KDP Select sales, which was better than last month, so that’s nice. My free downloads are higher than October, but not by much. My book sales are more than last month, but still nowhere near what I would like. Still no new reviews for Episode One, even with all those downloads from my promo last month. In fact the one review that I was suspicious of was taken down, so I’m back to just two, one 1 star and one 5 star.


Some Year End Data

Total Expenses                                                $497.72

Total Revenue                                                 $39.90

Books Published                                             3


I’ve already posted my goals for 2015, but here’s a hope for you. I hope that 2015 is the year that my revenue is more than my expenses.


  1. First of all, I’m in awe of the number of cookies baked — delicious.
    As for days you should have written, I’ve found when this happens to me (frequently) I get inspired by all hose podcasts I listen to. One good listen to those or a good blog read by Russell Blake and I’m usually good to go. Mileage may vary, of course.
    Other idea for getting the writing written: pick a sneaky pen name and write something you’d be embarrassed to write under your own name 🙂 Nothing inspires me more than doing something that’d get me in trouble with someone.

    Happy New Years — best of luck with all your goals!

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  2. When I was listening to the Self-Publishing Podcast I felt inspired to write all the time, but then I binge listened to like twenty hours and I started to hate the guys lol I hate to move on before I’ve caught up but maybe I should try one of the podcasts you’re always talking about.
    The only thing I’ve finished recently was a 5k ERROM, maybe I should buy a cheap cover and release it lol

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