My Erotica Experiment

A while ago I read a post on a message board by a guy who wrote ten 5k erotic books, published and that first month pulled in over $1800. Needless to say I was a bit jealous. Not only was he able to write 10k a day but he brought in more money that one month than I’ve made the entire time I’ve been published.

So I decided to do my own experiment. Unfortunately I’m unable to write that quickly but I’ve published three 5k erotic books this month with plans to publish another three next month and the month after. I’m able to write 1k words a day, I do four rounds of edits, formatting, and I purchase awesome covers. I feel kind of bad spending so much on covers when I’ve yet to get good ones for my favorite series and since it’s only an experiment, but I wanted to give them the best chance possible.

They’ve been released for a couple days now and sadly no rush. I don’t have the quantity out there but hopefully the more I release the more that increases. Everything I’m writing is in a series, they’re loosely connected, and they’re all going to be in the same world. I’m splitting the books between regular and supernatural. My first were just normal people, the next batch is going to be witches, next billionaires, werewolves, cowboys, highlanders, etc…

They’re joined by a common series title with the addition of whatever gimmick they happen to about. If you want to know the title you can email me and I’ll share it with you.

I’ve priced each story at $.99 and put them in KDP select since that would be where I would make the majority of my money. Eventually I’ll do box sets and price them higher.

I’ve got twenty-six books planned, but after the first twelve I’m going to see where I’m at financially before I decide to continue. I’m really hoping that publishing three a month isn’t going to hurt me. If I didn’t have to watch my daughter during the day or continue with my part time job, along with all the other things I do I think I could do 5k words a day, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon.

When I do my monthly numbers post I’m going to start including an update on this little experiment. I really hope it pays off.


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