January 2015 Numbers



Writing Goal:                                                              7350

Words Written:                                                           22098

Days I Didn’t Write but Should Have:                       0


Really liking those numbers. My writing goal is still 350 words a day Monday-Friday, but not really. It’s complicated. With my new erotica experiment going on I’m trying to write 1k words a day so that every week I finish a 5k erotic book. I should probably work on other stuff during that time too, but I’m still getting the hang of writing so many words each day. I guess that can be my February goal, we’ll see.



Books Sold:                                                                6

Free Downloads:                                                         141

KDP Select Sales:                                                       10


I started a five day promo on episode two and I also ran a one day promo on the first book in my erotica series. The only advertising I did was tweeting, I used a lot of hash tags (which I hate doing but I guess I should get over that). The tweeting obviously helped and I had one person go through and get the rest of the books in my erotica series. So far I’ve had only one buy through of all the Amelia Bennett episodes. I’m thinking about running a free promo for episode three once episode two is done, not sure.

My sales are about the same as last month, but they’re split 50/50 with my fantasy series. With more books coming out I hope that number goes up. I’m shooting for 4.7 downloads of each book a day, so we’ll see what happens.


EE Update

I published three shorts in January and should be able to publish the same if not more in February. While reading through a 65 page thread on kboards about an erotica experiment I discovered a website called Canva where I can make fairly decent book covers. They’re nowhere near as good as the $50 covers I bought for each of the first three books, but since they only cost $1 I will make my money back a lot faster. They don’t look that bad and erotica doesn’t seem to be a place with amazing covers. I was actually hoping my awesome covers would help me sell more, so far not so much.

And that is my numbers update for January, tune in next month where I predict we will see a huge increase in numbers across the board!



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