New Covers

I’ve been talking about new covers and rebranding for a while and now, with the help of Canva, I was able to do it. I’ve love to purchase professional covers, but the ones I created in Canva are a lot better than what I was able to create in Photoshop.

I rebranded my series and changed the title from the Amelia Bennett Chronicles to Magicae Terra. I’ve also published the complete season. Since the full season is now available I’ve taken down episodes 2-6, so what I have up for sale is Episode one (free) and the full season for $3.99.

Lately I’ve been in a lets see what happens mood. Sure I’m going to write erotic romance and upload a book every week, lets see what happens. I’m going to make these covers and take these down and rebrand everything, lets see what happens.

So far my sales on Magicae Terra haven’t increased, but I wasn’t expecting them to. I’m just happy to have it done with, I think it sounds better and it doesn’t keep me locked in as just Amelia.

We’ll see what happens.cover.jpegPossible ABC (6)

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