February 2015 Numbers



Writing Goal:                                                  7000

Words Written:                                               12674

Days I Didn’t Write but Should Have:           8


I started the month so well. I was writing and publishing a book a week. I was getting my words in with almost no problem. I had a system that was working. Then an unexpected trip to visit my family happened and I got behind. While there I wasn’t able to write or work on my “real job” so when I got home I had to focus on the “real job” and just didn’t want to get back into the habit. So my productivity took a huge nose dive. I did however clear off my DVR  and read several books :-/

I had planned on taking a vacation, but only after I finished another series of ERROMs. Now it looks like that’s being put off. I’m trying to find a balance between writing stuff I’m not too interested in and stuff I want to write. The plan for March is to write and publish 3 ERROMs and hopefully finish Episode 7 of Magicae Terra.




Books Sold:                                                    8

Free Downloads:                                             158

KDP Select Sales:                                           30


So everything is more than it was last month, which is great. My books sold aren’t that high, people are mainly borrowing my books through KDP Select, which is the goal. Right now I make a lot more money when they borrow, except when they borrow a collection. Since it’s money I wouldn’t have anyway, it doesn’t bother me.

I ran a free promo in February for one of my ERROMs and that accounts for most of my free downloads, though, there are some Magicae Terra downloads in there too. I will probably run another free promo in March, because why not?


EE Update


I was able to publish three ERROM shorts in February and I’m planning on doing the same in March. My second series is seeing the best action, so far. It was a series on witches, so I was able to use more sought after categories. The third book in the series was about lesbians and it was my second highest downloaded.

That, actually, presented a problem I hadn’t thought of, pronouns. It’s difficult when you’re doing action scenes with two people of the same gender. Or maybe it’s just me.

I’ve been doing more research and I think part of why I’m not getting as many downloads is my books lean more toward romance and they aren’t weird fetishes. My research has shown that freaky fetishes really sell. Honestly I don’t think I could write that and for now I plan to just stick with what I’m writing. March is going to be a Billionaires series, so we’ll see what happens.

I got my first signup for my ERROM mailing list this month, as well. Since I’m coming out with books more frequently maybe I can do the things that Write. Publish. Repeat. recommended.


March Goals

My goals for March are to write and publish three ERROMs, like I previously mentioned. I will also work on completing Episode Seven. Sales wise I have Deal of the Day promos planned for Magicae Terra Season One and the two ERROM collections. I submitted to ENT for a promo on Magicae Terra but since there are no reviews on it, I’m not sure if I’ll be accepted.


This has been another numbers updates. Tune in next time to either applaud my success or shame my failures.


  1. Congrats on beating your goal! One thing about the sales, and not sure if you’ve realized it, but Kindle Unlimited sales are sort of the ultimate compliment. You don’t register the sales until after the reader has passed 10%. So I’ve come to love my KU sales a little.

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