Kindle Countdown Deal

I ran my first ever Kindle Countdown Deal for a collection of ERROMs I’ve written. Now that it’s over I thought I’d look at the numbers. There were so many it was difficult to count that high, but thankfully they have a nice area on the Kindle Dashboard for me to look.

The deal ran for 120 hours, on .com and during that time I had one purchase.



Single Unit sold.

Talk about depressing.

I did no promotion on this other than a tweet. I was fairly busy during that time and didn’t even think to look at the book, other than to check that the price was correct. On the fourth day when I did try to find it on the Countdown Deal page, I wasn’t able to find it anywhere. That might have something to do with the lackluster sales.

What I’ve learned is that it takes more than just being a Countdown Deal to generate any sales, at least for someone like me without any kind of presence.

I’ve got a few more scheduled for other collections, including one for Magicae Terra Season One starting tomorrow and lasting through the 17th. I’m going to remember to tweet this time because every little bit helps. I might even post a blog during the sale, we’ll see. I tried to get an ENT promo, but they weren’t available, I did kind of wait last minute on that, though.

I’ll be honest, marketing is my least favorite part of self-publishing.

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