Ideas and a Reminder That My Book is on Sale

Do you ever think of an idea, think that it’s original, and then do research and find out there are ten other series out there with the same basic idea?

I’ve been toying with an idea for a supernatural cozy mystery, thinking that there couldn’t be many out there. Of course, I was very wrong. My experience with cozy mysteries is limited apparently.

Still I’m going to continue with the idea because I like it, and while there is a ton of books out there with the same elements, none were written by me. 🙂 Before I can get to it, though, I have to finish writing my third billionaire ERROM. No one is reading this series and I’m kind of thinking about having the girl realize that even though she hasn’t wound up with this man, she doesn’t need him there are still others out there. So a kind of HEA just not with a man. We’ll see.

Also, while I’m here, Magicae Terra: Season One is currently on sale!! $.99 You should totally buy it and leave a review.


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