What I learned from Murder is Binding By Lorna Barrett

Murder is Binding

First, Lorna Barrett must have missed the memo that said you need to make your characters likable in a cozy mystery, because damn I really hated her MC. She had no qualities or traits that I consider positive and I wished the book had ended with her murder.

Second, a good setting can sell a book. The whole reason I picked this book up was because I loved the premise. It’s set in a small town that’s become a tourist location for book lovers. Main St. is just bookstore after bookstore after bookstore. Everything is book themed and it sounded like Disneyland to me.

Third, I don’t like it when the MC has several men show a lot of romantic interest in her. I don’t find that believable based on a characters description and personality. In books, when this happens, often it’s the plain girls or the shy ones or both, and I find it annoying.

*I just tried to find a line from a movie where a side character asks if the MC has beer in her tits because so many men are after her but all I was able to find was gross porn. The line perfectly states how I feel about those types of characters, but oh well.

I’ve got a few more cozy mysteries to read and then I’m going to make a larger post detailing what I’m trying to accomplish with my book. I don’t know if anyone finds these interesting but I like having someplace to see what I’ve learned and liked from a book, and if I’m going to write something I might as well post it online.

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