My Last Three Days

Friday I re-release Stolen Memories with a new title, new cover, and new edits. Since the edits were significant enough I was able to create a whole new book on Amazon and published it under the ERROM pen name that I’ve created. Before the book was even showing up as live on my dashboard I had a sale.

I’ve had 31 borrows, 12 sales, and two mailing list subscribers. Not huge numbers for most people, but they made me very happy. I did no promotions, I just emailed the one person on my email list and made a couple tweets.

I’ve made a promise, at the end of the book, that the sequel will be available May 2015 so while the excitement was high I read over the 16k words I wrote two years ago to see where I was at. I was really happy to see the story progressing very well and the writing quality matched what I’d brought Stolen Memories up too. I didn’t intend to do edits while I was re-reading, but of course I did so it ended up taking me two days before I was able to start writing.

Based on my math I will need to write 1500 a day, Mon-Fri, to be able to give myself a week to edit and then publish. Right now, my publication date for the sequel is set for May 29th, but I’m hoping to have it done a week before that, we’ll see.

This whole process has really helped my writing confidence, and I’m not even talking about the sales. It had been a few years since I read Stolen Memories and during that time I started to feel ashamed of it. I didn’t pay to have it edited and I knew from personal experience that my writing is better after being polished by someone else. However, after reading it again I realized it was nowhere near as bad as I thought it was. One day I would like to have it edited by a professional, but I don’t believe I have anything to feel ashamed about by publishing it in its current state. I’m curious to see how my feelings change as time goes.

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