April 2015 Numbers

Words Written:           15401


I’m not listing any other numbers here because most of the month was spent researching by reading cozy mysteries. I didn’t have a goal set or any assigned writing days, so I don’t have much to add to this number.

Now the numbers I’m really excited about.


Free Downloads:         15

Sales:                           38

Borrows:                     167


On April 18th I re-published the Sci-Fi Romance that first got me started on this whole self-publishing adventure. I sent out a couple tweets and that was pretty much it, yet somehow people have found this book and read it. It’s been wild. Each time I look at my sales dashboard I expect to see things stalling out or the sales to have completely disappeared, but they’re still there and they keep coming in. It’s exciting and scary at the same time.

My average is about 12 a day, which isn’t much to some people, but is more than I’ve ever had. Now the real pressure is on, at the back of the book I promised to have book two published in May. I’m already three quarters of the way through writing it so I should be able to meet that goal, but what if no one likes it? What if I’m unable to duplicate whatever I did with the first book?

I’ve had people actually leave reviews and ratings for this book (a 5 & 4 star at Goodreads and a 5 star at Amazon). People have joined my mailing list for crying out loud. I wrote the first book like two years ago, what if the second book is horrible?????

This really didn’t start occurring to me until today. The thrill of sales every day must have finally started to wear off and reality is crashing down on me. 205 people reading my book is not a huge number in the grand scheme of things, but what if they hate the next one?

Why did I want to be a writer again?


May Goals:

Finish writing book 2

Edit the shit out of book 2

Publish book 2

Begin writing book 3

Make Facebook/Twitter posts regularly on my pen name account



  1. It’s scary and something I never worried about before, either because no one was reading what I was writing or it was erotica and I didn’t care. Now it matters to me, feelings suck man.


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