First Bookbub Request Sent

I just submitted my first Bookbub request. It was surprisingly easy but immediately stressful. I honestly don’t expect to be selected, but of course I have a plan if I am. For now I’m working on editing book 2, writing book 3, and refreshing multiple screens.

Self-Publishing is hard work man. I’ll keep you guys updated on my status. Who else has applied? Were you accepted? Was it the best thing that has ever happened to you? Are you now sipping margaritas on a beach?


  1. Congrats — keep expectations low 🙂 Less painful hehe. But everyone says if you keep trying, eventually it happens (they accept you). I tried like 5 times before I got accepted — and only for a free promo. I think it’s much easier to get the free ones.

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  2. That’s my expectation, many many rejections. I submitted for a $.99 because I don’t have any kind of idea yet what my read through rate is. The second book will be out before the possible bookbub so I should find out then, but still submitted for a free book is kind of scary. All that money and you aren’t getting any back.


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