Just Hit Publish

Well I finally finished edits and hit publish on book two. Now I’m kind of freaking out and nervous. I don’t know if I’ve felt like this since the first couple of books I published. No idea why.

I got a few more star ratings on Goodreads and an actual review which was nice. Everything so far has been 4 stars which is kind of amazing. Maybe that’s why I’m nervous? I’ve done no advertising and yet people are finding and liking my book. So bizarre.

Once the book is live I’m going to update my back matter in book 1 and starting applying for advertisements. Which is another scary thing. I’ve only ever done a fivr ad and now I’m planning on spending over $150 on ads. Crazy! What has gotten into me? No idea.

I’m going to go now and try and distract myself with something. Anything. Probably not Sesame Street.


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