Promotion Update

Well even though Bookbub rejected me I still wanted to do some advertising. I emailed several places that I found through kindleboard recommendations. I’ve also scheduled a Kindle Countdown Deal for June 1-5. Here’s who I’ve contacted and the status:


Goodkindle- accepted – due to a miscommunication somewhere they ran the ad today instead of during my promo dates. The email went out a couple hours ago and I’ve had no sales or borrows since it sent out. So either there’s just too damn many for Amazon to keep up or they have somehow killed all of my normal borrows/sales or maybe something in between.

AwesomeGang – accepted – Running 06/02

Sweetfreebooks – accepted – Running 06/03

Booksy – accepted – Running 06/03

ebooksoda – accepted – Running 06/05


Readcheaply – declined – no reason given

OHFB – declined – I got a form letter that just says they look for well regarded, deep discounts, and eye-catching covers. However, I was told to apply again.

Booksends – declined – I received a one sentence email with a link to expanded submission guidlines. My book is either lacking in reviews, I entered a heavily competitive category, cover sucked, subject matter, or price wasn’t right.


eReaderNews – pending


I plan on running a Facebook promo during that time as well. I have a couple things I need to do with my Facebook page before then.

Contacting all these places, giving them plenty of time, meeting all their requirements, and still being declined is frustrating. So far I’ve spent just over $90, thankfully I’ve already earned that from the book so I’m not going into debt for these.

I’ll keep you guys updated.

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