May 2015 Numbers

Words Written:           19622

I did suffer some lazy writing moments, but I hope that I’ve overcome them. I ended up going back to the beginning of what I’m currently writing and added a couple more chapters from another characters point of view. I think it flows a lot better now, and it’s possibly why I was having a hard time writing. Sometimes my brain just won’t let me continue when it knows something isn’t right. I just wish it was better at clueing me in on the issue.

Sales:                           106

Borrows:                     456

Free Downloads:         29

So, yeah, I really like KDP Unlimited. Those numbers are amazing, the best I’ve seen in the almost three years I’ve been published. I realize I’m technically losing money by being in it, however, after all this time I know that I wouldn’t be getting that many sales if my books weren’t in it. It’s brought me some visibility I wouldn’t have without it. That being said, if the royalty drops too much I’ll take my books out.

I’m really loving a website called BookReport it provides me all kinds of awesome graphs and stats about my sales on Amazon. It’s been great using it this month.


What I’m currently working on:

I should finish up the third book in my series this month and if all goes well publish it. I did note in the back of book two I wouldn’t be publishing until July, but I should be able to get it done, just have to get my words in.

I’m working on creating a paperback edition, which is a pain in the ass. I really don’t want to pay someone to do the cover. The whole point of me using for covers is how much money I’m saving. I’ve already got my first book formatted, which took a couple hours. The next books shouldn’t take as long.

I’m also trying to edit as I go along, though with a twist. Each week I’m hoping to have written 10k words then on the weekends I’ll edit those words.

A lot of work this month, but the fact that I have to start holding out tax money for what I’m making is really motivating.


  1. This really rocks — super congrats! You stuck it out, you did the work, and you’re succeeding. Glad you broke free of your writer’s block. Your sales rates are amazing. I noticed you have different covers. You think that helped, or was it something else?


  2. Sadly all of that was from my pen name, new covers and keywords have not helped my Magicae Terra series. I’m keeping it available, though because the first season completes an arch and shouldn’t piss anyone off if nothing else comes after.


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