June 2015 Numbers


Words Written:                                                                29710

Goal:                                                                                     25000

Days That I Didn’t Write but Should have:                  4


Well I beat my goal which is always nice. I ended up finishing the third book in my Sci-Fi romance series yesterday and now it’s resting for a couple days before I start editing. I’ve already started on the next Sci-Fi romance, this one is in a new series but it still ties in with my old so hopefully there will be crossover readers.

I would love it if I could write 2-3k every day but that just doesn’t seem to happen. My lowest day, other than the zero days, was 883. I can normally manage a consistent 1k, but when I push myself past that I end up having a zero day. My problem is that I see those 3k days and think, “If I could do that every day I would be able to publish a book every two weeks. That would be incredible, and maybe one day I’ll be able to manage that, for now I’m trying to be happy at what I was able to accomplish.


Sales:                                                                                    146

Borrows:                                                                             388

Free Downloads:                                                               17


My sales were up last month, I attribute that to the ads I ran, though they weren’t enough to recoup the costs I spent. My borrows are down by roughly 70. I noticed a very steep drop off when my first book hit day 55. It was actually really crazy because right before that I had my best day ever, even better than the days I ran my promos, and then the very next day I plummeted.

My third book will be releasing this month so hopefully that will bring my sales up. I’ve got over thirty people on my mailing list now which is awesome. I’m concerned about the new KDP system and even though my books aren’t short anymore I don’t believe I’ll be making what I was, which is sad. We’ll see what happen, I may end up taking my books out of KDP and branching out.

I was able to get my first book uploaded in paperback and because of that when I sent in my most recent Bookbub request when they denied me they said it was due to space and not because I didn’t meet a requirement. I’ll keep trying. I also keep getting turned down for an ENT, I’m going to try OHFB again and see what happens.

My husband keeps telling me that it’s wild so many people have read my books and he’s right, it’s crazy. I’m trying not to think about it, though, in case I end up choking and become unable to EVER WRITE AGAIN.


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