July 2015 Numbers


Word Goal:                                                    26000

Words Written:                                             16834

Days I didn’t write but should have:           4


My goal this month was pretty ambitious since I also had to edit another book and get it published. As you can see I did not meet that goal. I was hoping to be able to write while I was editing but I was completely drained by the editing and not able to force out words most days. I’m a bit disappointed but I should be able to catch up in August.


Sales                                                                107

Pages Read                                                    40272

Free Downloads                                            18


This month I took a huge hit across the board. I ended up running a bknights promo at the end and that accounts for almost half of my sales. I won’t know until the fifteenth if 40k pages read is good. I’m estimating about $.0058 per page which makes this my worst month since I re-published my Sci-Fi romance.

It’s really difficult to write as I see my numbers dipping. I’m not writing completely because of the money, but it certainly motivates and helps since I’m not currently working at a “real job”. I was actually able to buy tires with my most recent Amazon payment and that felt like a huge milestone. Now if I can just get a more consistent income.



My goal this month is to finish the current book I’m writing. I’m just over a quarter of the way through so that’s going to be pushing it. I would like to also edit the book and a short story so that they can be published. I’m shooting for a publication date of September 1st for the book and August 25th for the short.

To meet my goals I’m going to have to write 2k a day which is not impossible but it isn’t a pace I’m normally able to keep up. I’m going to have to really focus and not slack off. I’m pretty motivated though.

I’m also working on marketing. I would like to market the first book of each series I have every month. I updated my covers to hopefully be more appealing to Bookbub but still no go. I’m also still waiting to get accepted by ENT. I’ve found a couple other places I’m going to try out every month as well. It would be nice to spend about $100 on ads a month, per series, but we’ll see how that goes.


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