Made a Nook Sale

I’ve been trying not to constantly refresh my other sales avenues like I do Amazon, but I do look at least once a day. Today is the first day that it shows I’ve actually sold anything. Someone on Nook bought book 2 &3 which is awesome! However not worth the effort I’ve made so far.

I’ve contacted Kobo. Nothing. I’ve contacted Apple. Nothing.

Once payday rolls around I’m going to try and get accepted for some promos and hopefully that will make a difference. For now, going wide has not paid off and I know that I’m currently losing money from it.


  1. Hey, congrats! I know that when I first published my book on Amazon, I was checking those sales stats hourly. Now I get about a sale a week, so I tend to check about once a week, lol. Wouldn’t it be nice if everyone would just buy our books? Get it together, world!


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