September 2015 Numbers


Word Goal:                                                                        40,000 or finish book

Words Written:                                                                 39,408

Days I didn’t Write but Should Have:                          0


Very happy with that last number, but technically I did end up taking one day. However, since I wrote on the weekend to catch up I didn’t count it.

Anyway, I finished the second book in my new series, I’m going to spend the first week or so editing it in October. It should be published Oct. 6th or 7th, but we’ll see. I have a vacation with the in-laws during that time and who knows what I’ll be able to get done.

I’m really surprised how well I’ve been able to write 2k words a day. I went from struggling with 1k to working up to 1.5k and then 2k hasn’t been nearly as bad. Some days I even go over, though, I don’t think I’m going to increase my word goal amount. 2k is a nice number and gives me a release schedule I’m happy with.


Sales:                                                                        226 (Includes my 2 sales on Nook)

Pages Read:                                                            55,911

Free Downloads:                                                   918


I had a much better month in September than August, it’s amazing what a difference releasing a new book does. The momentum from that book has started to decline, but hopefully it doesn’t completely drop off before the next one comes out.

My free downloads are up by a lot, but that’s because I now have two permafrees. One is a short 5k intro to my new series and the other is the first book in my first series. Right now my read through rate is about 2% from my freebie to my second book and 87% from my second to my third. I honestly have no idea if that’s good for a freebie, but math-wise if I get that percentage to purchase my second a freebie bookbub pays for itself.

Marketing, I applied and was turned down at bookbub and ENT. Life then happened and I didn’t have money to try other places. I’m hoping that with a freebie available everywhere that Bookbub will finally pick me up the next time I enter, we’ll see.


October Goals:

-Edit and Publish Book 2

-Write 30k in third book

-Do more marketing!

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