November 2015 Numbers


Sorry for the delay, yesterday was the great Christmas dress search and it involved more stores than I care to remember.


Word Goal:                                                   30,000

Words Written:                                           24906

Days I Didn’t Write But Should Have:    0


My word goal last month was incredibly ambitious considering the fact that I was also editing and traveling for the holiday. It would have been awesome to have met it however, I’m not behind even though I didn’t. I wrote every day I shouldn’t and met my daily words goal all but one, maybe two days. So even though I didn’t meet the 30k, I’m fine.


Sales:                          328

Pages Read:               31,661

Free Downloads:     851


Everything is a bit down from last month, which I was expecting since it’s been over a month since I published something. I was hoping that my Christmas short story released the day after Thanksgiving would help, but apparently my readers don’t care about Christmas stories. There was no Sci-Fi in it, so it’s possible they just don’t want to read my fantasy. That’s actually really helpful, since I’m about 95% certain that I’m going to try writing a paranormal romance series next year.

I’ve got a free bknights promo planned to run for my free Christmas book today, but I’m not planning on doing any other promos this month. I will be releasing the third book in my second series. I must, nothing else matters! Who cares that December is the busiest month of the year and that I have to decorate my house, bake millions of cookies, wrap presents, and travel over a thousand miles? I know I don’t! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

I think I might be a little crazy.


December Goals:

-Finish writing 3rd book

-Edit 3rd book

-Publish 3rd book


Stretch Goals:

-Update paperback edition of 1st book


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