2017 So Far

Books Published                               1 Prequel 1 Book

Book Sales on Amazon                    289

Pages Read                                        4,554

Free Downloads                               4,891

Revenue                                             $653.77

Expenses                                            $190.51

Words Written*                                96,964


Alright so in January I had a beautiful baby boy, he’s been amazing, and an incredibly happy baby, and so far much easier than his sister. However, I’m currently taking care of a three year old and an infant so life is pretty busy. That being said, I’m finally getting back into the self-publishing game.

So far this year I’ve written 96k words, roughly, and I’ve got a 54 day streak going, meaning I’ve written 54 days in a row. I’ve been trying to write 1000 words a day during the week and 500 words on the weekends, but that is my secondary goal. My primary goal is just to get words down. I’m trying not to pressure myself with the actual total because when I know that I’m not going to be able to get there it depresses me, so I’m focusing on just getting words down. So far my lowest day has been 300, which considering I’ve visited family and family has visited me, that’s pretty amazing.

I’ve published a prequel and a sequel, both in a series that is doing horribly. I think the last thing I mentioned about it was that I had taken the first book down, well I put it back up because why not. I went too much Sci-Fi Adventure and not enough Sci-Fi Romance so my normal readers aren’t reading it and it’s not enough Adventure for new readers to jump in, at least that’s what I’ve decided. I’m currently working on wrapping up the series so that I can move back into a series that is more Sci-Fi Romance, though, I have to admit I’ve really liked writing this series.

I plan on writing a series of blog posts on my pen name website hoping to promote the current series, sort of explain why I’m writing it, and maybe drive traffic to it, but it will probably be wasted effort. Still I’m going to try because as I mentioned, I do like the series.

I’ve pulled all but my newest book out of KDP Select, it wasn’t doing anything for me and if someone chose to read the book my pages read never added up to how much I would make through a purchase. Going wide with my library has caused my sales to uptick on other platforms and last month I made just shy of $50 from Draft2Digial, most of that on iBooks, which is pretty good considering I barely made over that on Amazon this month.

I think what I’m going to do now is start a book in KDP Select, then after the first 90 days put it into Draft2Digital. I realize I get a better deal with certain places if I go directly to them, but for me, right now, it’s all about time and D2D is easy.

I’ve continued to try to get a Bookbub and failed, I have, however, secured two ENT ads and I have an upcoming Robin Reads add. Both ENT ads were for free, first in series books. One for a Paranormal Romance and the other for Sci-Fi. The Paranormal Romance ad did significantly better and gave me my first and so far only month this year to break $100. I actually got within a couple dollars of $200. Clearly a year off has decimated my income since I use to do so much better.

My goal for the rest of the year is just to keep writing every day and hopefully publish four more books. The one I’m currently working on as well as a new trilogy or maybe 3 more books in one of my other series, whether or not that’s possible I’m not sure. I’d also love to work on getting my books new covers and a more professional edit, since that will cost upwards of $5k it might not happen, though. Still, I’m incredibly happy to be back to writing and self-publishing and I’m doing my best to remain positive.

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