March 2015 Numbers


Word Count Goal:                              7700

Words Written:                                   21743

Days I didn’t write but should have:  0

Very happy with those numbers, I was very close to writing more words than January. I wrote and published three ERROMs and the rest of my words are on the supernatural cozy mystery I’ve decided to write.

I’ve been doing a lot of research into cozy mysteries and I’ve realized there’s a lot I don’t know. I’ve purchased several and I’ve found an amazing website, so for now I’m in research mode and I write scenes as they come to me. It’s a new way of writing, not very linear, and I don’t know how it’s going to work, but almost every day I wrote on it I had no problems reaching my word count.

I’m excited and a little bummed that I have to go back to writing an ERROM, because of that I’m leaning toward re-editing my original book, Stolen Memories, and releasing it under a new title and with my new pen name. It’s longer, almost 50k words, but I might make more money from it. I’ve got a third of the sequel already written, I stopped writing because I didn’t enjoy it.

I see a cycle developing in my writing. The side that wants to write and make money wars with the side that wants to write something I enjoy. I’ve read that you should find a way to compromise, but so far I’ve been unsuccessful with that goal. Stolen Memories was a Sci-Fi romance meant to be ridiculously over the top, but I didn’t enjoy having to write all that sexual build up and tension and then sex. Sex sells, though, and I’m not sure if I could write a book without it and feel like I’m writing a romance.

I love to read romance, but kind of feel like a fraud when I write it because I personally don’t believe that there is only one man out there for a woman. Love is at the same time not that complicated but so much more. That’s a personal opinion and I’ve veered way off course. I’ll try to remember to come back to this in a future blog post.



Books Sold:                            7

Free Downloads:                     136

KDP Select Downloads:         20

That’s a decrease from February but still up from January so I’m alright with that, apparently witches sell better than billionaires, at least for me. Since I am leaning toward releasing Stolen Memories again, re-worked, I’m hoping that I’ll make a little bit more from a larger work. We’ll see what happens, and I’ll keep you guys updated.

Thanks for reading and I enjoy your feedback!

Ideas and a Reminder That My Book is on Sale

Do you ever think of an idea, think that it’s original, and then do research and find out there are ten other series out there with the same basic idea?

I’ve been toying with an idea for a supernatural cozy mystery, thinking that there couldn’t be many out there. Of course, I was very wrong. My experience with cozy mysteries is limited apparently.

Still I’m going to continue with the idea because I like it, and while there is a ton of books out there with the same elements, none were written by me. 🙂 Before I can get to it, though, I have to finish writing my third billionaire ERROM. No one is reading this series and I’m kind of thinking about having the girl realize that even though she hasn’t wound up with this man, she doesn’t need him there are still others out there. So a kind of HEA just not with a man. We’ll see.

Also, while I’m here, Magicae Terra: Season One is currently on sale!! $.99 You should totally buy it and leave a review.

Kindle Countdown Deal

I ran my first ever Kindle Countdown Deal for a collection of ERROMs I’ve written. Now that it’s over I thought I’d look at the numbers. There were so many it was difficult to count that high, but thankfully they have a nice area on the Kindle Dashboard for me to look.

The deal ran for 120 hours, on .com and during that time I had one purchase.



Single Unit sold.

Talk about depressing.

I did no promotion on this other than a tweet. I was fairly busy during that time and didn’t even think to look at the book, other than to check that the price was correct. On the fourth day when I did try to find it on the Countdown Deal page, I wasn’t able to find it anywhere. That might have something to do with the lackluster sales.

What I’ve learned is that it takes more than just being a Countdown Deal to generate any sales, at least for someone like me without any kind of presence.

I’ve got a few more scheduled for other collections, including one for Magicae Terra Season One starting tomorrow and lasting through the 17th. I’m going to remember to tweet this time because every little bit helps. I might even post a blog during the sale, we’ll see. I tried to get an ENT promo, but they weren’t available, I did kind of wait last minute on that, though.

I’ll be honest, marketing is my least favorite part of self-publishing.

February 2015 Numbers



Writing Goal:                                                  7000

Words Written:                                               12674

Days I Didn’t Write but Should Have:           8


I started the month so well. I was writing and publishing a book a week. I was getting my words in with almost no problem. I had a system that was working. Then an unexpected trip to visit my family happened and I got behind. While there I wasn’t able to write or work on my “real job” so when I got home I had to focus on the “real job” and just didn’t want to get back into the habit. So my productivity took a huge nose dive. I did however clear off my DVR  and read several books :-/

I had planned on taking a vacation, but only after I finished another series of ERROMs. Now it looks like that’s being put off. I’m trying to find a balance between writing stuff I’m not too interested in and stuff I want to write. The plan for March is to write and publish 3 ERROMs and hopefully finish Episode 7 of Magicae Terra.




Books Sold:                                                    8

Free Downloads:                                             158

KDP Select Sales:                                           30


So everything is more than it was last month, which is great. My books sold aren’t that high, people are mainly borrowing my books through KDP Select, which is the goal. Right now I make a lot more money when they borrow, except when they borrow a collection. Since it’s money I wouldn’t have anyway, it doesn’t bother me.

I ran a free promo in February for one of my ERROMs and that accounts for most of my free downloads, though, there are some Magicae Terra downloads in there too. I will probably run another free promo in March, because why not?


EE Update


I was able to publish three ERROM shorts in February and I’m planning on doing the same in March. My second series is seeing the best action, so far. It was a series on witches, so I was able to use more sought after categories. The third book in the series was about lesbians and it was my second highest downloaded.

That, actually, presented a problem I hadn’t thought of, pronouns. It’s difficult when you’re doing action scenes with two people of the same gender. Or maybe it’s just me.

I’ve been doing more research and I think part of why I’m not getting as many downloads is my books lean more toward romance and they aren’t weird fetishes. My research has shown that freaky fetishes really sell. Honestly I don’t think I could write that and for now I plan to just stick with what I’m writing. March is going to be a Billionaires series, so we’ll see what happens.

I got my first signup for my ERROM mailing list this month, as well. Since I’m coming out with books more frequently maybe I can do the things that Write. Publish. Repeat. recommended.


March Goals

My goals for March are to write and publish three ERROMs, like I previously mentioned. I will also work on completing Episode Seven. Sales wise I have Deal of the Day promos planned for Magicae Terra Season One and the two ERROM collections. I submitted to ENT for a promo on Magicae Terra but since there are no reviews on it, I’m not sure if I’ll be accepted.


This has been another numbers updates. Tune in next time to either applaud my success or shame my failures.

New Covers

I’ve been talking about new covers and rebranding for a while and now, with the help of Canva, I was able to do it. I’ve love to purchase professional covers, but the ones I created in Canva are a lot better than what I was able to create in Photoshop.

I rebranded my series and changed the title from the Amelia Bennett Chronicles to Magicae Terra. I’ve also published the complete season. Since the full season is now available I’ve taken down episodes 2-6, so what I have up for sale is Episode one (free) and the full season for $3.99.

Lately I’ve been in a lets see what happens mood. Sure I’m going to write erotic romance and upload a book every week, lets see what happens. I’m going to make these covers and take these down and rebrand everything, lets see what happens.

So far my sales on Magicae Terra haven’t increased, but I wasn’t expecting them to. I’m just happy to have it done with, I think it sounds better and it doesn’t keep me locked in as just Amelia.

We’ll see what happens.cover.jpegPossible ABC (6)

January 2015 Numbers



Writing Goal:                                                              7350

Words Written:                                                           22098

Days I Didn’t Write but Should Have:                       0


Really liking those numbers. My writing goal is still 350 words a day Monday-Friday, but not really. It’s complicated. With my new erotica experiment going on I’m trying to write 1k words a day so that every week I finish a 5k erotic book. I should probably work on other stuff during that time too, but I’m still getting the hang of writing so many words each day. I guess that can be my February goal, we’ll see.



Books Sold:                                                                6

Free Downloads:                                                         141

KDP Select Sales:                                                       10


I started a five day promo on episode two and I also ran a one day promo on the first book in my erotica series. The only advertising I did was tweeting, I used a lot of hash tags (which I hate doing but I guess I should get over that). The tweeting obviously helped and I had one person go through and get the rest of the books in my erotica series. So far I’ve had only one buy through of all the Amelia Bennett episodes. I’m thinking about running a free promo for episode three once episode two is done, not sure.

My sales are about the same as last month, but they’re split 50/50 with my fantasy series. With more books coming out I hope that number goes up. I’m shooting for 4.7 downloads of each book a day, so we’ll see what happens.


EE Update

I published three shorts in January and should be able to publish the same if not more in February. While reading through a 65 page thread on kboards about an erotica experiment I discovered a website called Canva where I can make fairly decent book covers. They’re nowhere near as good as the $50 covers I bought for each of the first three books, but since they only cost $1 I will make my money back a lot faster. They don’t look that bad and erotica doesn’t seem to be a place with amazing covers. I was actually hoping my awesome covers would help me sell more, so far not so much.

And that is my numbers update for January, tune in next month where I predict we will see a huge increase in numbers across the board!


December 2014 Numbers


Writing Goal:                                                      7700

Words Written:                                                   5417

Days I Didn’t Write but Should Have:           14 (This includes all the days I was traveling &                                                                                                                                   Christmas week)

Miles Driven:                                                       1500+

Cookies I Baked:                                                  340


It’s been a while since I didn’t meet my monthly goal and I’m embarrassed by the number of days I didn’t write but should have. I was busy, I traveled a ton, and I would be happy to not see another cookie for at least a week or two, but I still should have found time to write. I knew I should be writing, but I just didn’t. Sure I was tired and yes those numbers don’t include the time I worked at my part time job, but do I really want to accept excuses? No. What I really want is to make a living writing. I want to write all the stories that are forever popping into my head and then shove them out into the world so some unfortunate soul will find and read them. If I don’t work harder to meet my goals none of what I want will happen and I can’t let excuses get in the way. Maybe I’m being hard on myself, but sometimes you have to.



Books Sold:                                                    8

Free Downloads:                                             59

KDP Select Sales:                                           8


I met my first month in KDP Select sales, which was better than last month, so that’s nice. My free downloads are higher than October, but not by much. My book sales are more than last month, but still nowhere near what I would like. Still no new reviews for Episode One, even with all those downloads from my promo last month. In fact the one review that I was suspicious of was taken down, so I’m back to just two, one 1 star and one 5 star.


Some Year End Data

Total Expenses                                                $497.72

Total Revenue                                                 $39.90

Books Published                                             3


I’ve already posted my goals for 2015, but here’s a hope for you. I hope that 2015 is the year that my revenue is more than my expenses.