Three Fav

Three Fave 11/30/12

I’ve moved my Fave Three to Fridays because I need my weekends free to write and it’s easier to write a blog post at work than it is to actually write, plus I get more views on the weekdays then the weekends and it’s all about the views.

  1. Expendables 2 on Blu-Ray

My husband saw this in theatres three times I only saw it twice but it was pretty awesome. Like all good action movies the story isn’t much but the fight scenes are pretty great, even better than the first one. There were also a few deleted scenes that I really wish had made the movie.

2. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: 100th Anniversary Edition

I actually got this for Christmas last year and I loved it but I never took the dust cover off until recently. I love hardcovers that are actually attractive and not just cheap looking like most now a day. This edition not only has a great cover under that ugly dust jacket but it has all of the original art work too.


3. Christmas Cooking Magazines

I love all the cookie recipes and the wonderful awesome pictures and pretty much everything about them. Taste of Home was the best this year but I enjoy all of them. It also helps that I’m trying to give up sugar and I’m an addict so this is like my porn. Lovely wonderful sugar. I need to go ask my husband again why I want chose to lose weight during the holiday season.

Thanksgiving Three

Last week I decided to post a list of the three things I loved that week. Well now that I’ve made that decision I’m going to change it. For one week only!

This week I am going to post the three things I’m most thankful for in honor of America’s Thanksgiving Day. Some people might have noticed on Facebook earlier this month that people were posting one thing a day they were thankful for. For me most of those people are no longer posting so for those out there that have kept it up the entire month, kudos to you. I did not do this. Not because I’m not thankful for things, because I am. But because I don’t normally get all mushy on the internet. Sometimes, but when I do it’s normally something like:

“Oh my god everyone you have to go see Expendables 2. It was amazing and I love it so much. I need everyone to go see it and share in my love for the awesome that was the Expendables 2.”

That might actually have been a post on my Facebook. Anyway, I am not going to get mushy on here either. It’s too easy for me to do. I love my family and I am incredibly thankful for how much they’ve done for me and the way they raised me and the way they love me and just everything about them. I could dedicate an entire series of posts to each member of my family telling you how awesome they are and how much I love them. But that would be boring for people to read and I would probably end up over sharing and get my wonderful amazing family pissed off at me.

No mushy.

On the other hand I don’t want to be flip about what I post because a lot of people consider saying what you’re thankful for to be serious business. That is the same reason why when everyone started posting what they were thankful for on Facebook I didn’t start posting silly stuff like, I’m thankful for the ability to eat desert before dinner because I’m an adult and no longer live at home; or I’m thankful for the knowledge of how to drive correctly, the world would be a wonderful place if everyone else shared my knowledge. I was tempted but I resisted and I will not do that one here.

No silly.

Without silly or mushy I really don’t know what to post. I guess I’ll have to be really general and generic which kind of sucks and pretty much defeats the purpose of posting three things I’m thankful for on Thanksgiving day. I don’t like being generic or general, I like over sharing and being specific; but I can’t appear weak on the internet or I will eaten and I don’t want to appear too silly or I will never be taken seriously so I guess I will have to be general and generic.

I’m thankful for the weather, religion, and politics.