Write Your Own Fantasy Story By: Tish Farrell

Write Your Own Fantasy Story

Write Your Own Fantasy Story By: Tish Farrell


Provides tips on how to write fantasy stories, including how to get started, how to create characters, and how to develop plots. Includes suggestions from famous authors.


I didn’t realize this was a YA book when I checked it out, evidently I’m blind because there was a huge YA sticker on the spine. Oh well.

I would definitely recommend this to a young, beginning writer. It was filled with great advice and good writing prompts. I wish I’d read something like this when I was young because I know I would have enjoyed following the writing tips it listed.

Since I have a little more experience I didn’t get much from this book. There were a lot of references to fantasy writers and advice and little snippets that they’ve said other places, nothing original, though.

Still I might find myself doing one of their writing prompts just for fun.

Here’s a line from the book I liked:

“Read other writers’ work to help you improve. Be grateful for their guidance, but don’t envy them.”

Working With Trends

Watching Kitchen Nightmares, which is really what I should be doing, I realize I probably treat writing the same way these people treat their restaurants. I want to do it my own way and I’m resistant to change. However unlike restaurants I can do that, I just won’t earn as much. No one is relying on my pay though so the only thing that suffers is me.

I know that if I focused on romance, even if I focused on finishing my current romance series, I would make more money. In case you weren’t aware romance is big right now, especially if it’s erotic. But I enjoy writing my short fantasy episodes more. I’ve promised that I will finish the Twin Moons of Andove series, and I will, it’s just a lot harder to write when you don’t love the subject matter.

What I need to do is write a fantasy romance, I’ll have to work on an idea for that. Well once I’m done with my current projects. It never ends. A fantasy romance will join what is popular with what I want to read, I’ll just have to find a way to do it.