Monique Martin

When the Walls Fell & Fragments By Monique Martin

So I just finished book three in the Out of Time series, I didn’t stop after book two to write a review because I had to read the third and find out what happened next with Elizabeth and Simon.

In When the Walls Fell they go back in time to 1906 San Francisco, CA days before the great earthquake to save Simon from possibly never existing. I’ve never been to California, and to be honest the most I know about their history is what I’ve watched in Briscoe County Jr., but I thought Monique did a good job of describing the environment and fashion. The romance between Simon and Elizabeth was just as intense and beautiful as before and the mystery kept me guessing. I liked that she has the characters make plans and then not go into detail about them so you feel the suspense build not knowing what is going to happen. Really the only problem I had with the book was that every man seemed to want Elizabeth. It wasn’t on the scale of Twilight ridiculousness but it did start to get annoying. I gave it 4 stars on goodreads.

I gave a little groan when I saw that Fragments was set during WWII and dealt with Nazis. It’s a book about time travel and the hero is a professor of the occult it was an obvious time to visit. My husband and the rest of the world find the Nazis very interesting and I can see the draw but ever since I read Masters of Deceit by J. Edgar Hoover in high school I have always felt that the Communists were the superior evil. That’s just my personal opinion, one I’ve yet to meet anyone that shares.

Anyway, Simon and Elizabeth go back in time to rescue a missing time traveler that they happen to know the wife of from the previous book. Elizabeth thinks this will be easy and they’ll be in and out, not sure if she’s never read anything about England during that time but obviously things do not go as planned. There are spies from everywhere and of course the previously mentioned Nazis and a missing artifact that will be essential in Hitler’s winning the war. All of that and I still liked the book. The mystery did not capture my interest this time around, just because I’ve seen/read this story a few times; however the continuing romance kept me reading and keeps me wanting more. Elizabeth isn’t a huge magnet for horny men and instead gets to have a taste of the green-eyed monster this time and Simon isn’t as pig-headed and stubborn and has almost accepted that she is going to do whatever she wants. Overall I’m giving it 4 stars on goodreads but I feel that it is more of a 3.5 star book. Which is still a good ranking in my eyes, I tend to hand out a lot of 3 stars.

Out of Time: A Time Travel Mystery By Monique Martin

So I love time travel. A lot. I’ve gotten into long heated discussions about it; I’ve asked the question would I go back and kill Hitler; I use the concept of time travel in my everyday conversation,

“Man if I could I would so go back and see Elvis live before he got fat.”

If a TV show, movie, or book has time travel in it I will look at and probably read/watch it. So I almost immediately noticed this book in Monique’s signature on the kindleboards. I downloaded the sample a long, long time ago but wasn’t able to get to it until now. As soon as I started reading it I did not want to put it down. At 2:00 am I finally had to force myself because my husband would not understand if I slept away the sunlight on one of our last days in Tokyo. I read it obsessively on the subway in between destinations and had to fight to keep myself from reading it while I was supposed to be enjoying my surroundings.

“Yeah, yeah Japan whoohoo. Whatever let me sit here by myself surrounded by beauty and a foreign culture and bury my head in my kindle.”

I resisted. Barely. As soon as I got back to the hotel though I went right back to it and finished, and I’m so thankful the hotel has wi-fi so I can download the next one.

Out of Time is about a British professor named Simon and his grad student assistance Elizabeth; both are secretly in love with the other but haven’t let on because of various reasons. While she is dropping off graded papers one thing leads to another and they find themselves in 1929. While not my favorite period in time it is definitely an interesting one. Speakeasies, gangsters, oh yes and a vampire. I’m kind of getting burnt out on vampires and werewolves, but he didn’t sparkle so at least it was the right kind.

Elizabeth and Simon were almost too perfect but I still really enjoyed them. Elizabeth was spunky and smart and didn’t wait around on Simon to save the day. Simon had just enough moments as a caveman protecting his woman to balance out his professorness. King as a villain was great. He oozed scary. The ending kept be guessing, not sure if everything would end up happy or the next book would be about overcoming deep loss.

Overall I really enjoyed it. I gave it a 5 star rating on goodreads but leaning more toward a 4.25. Either way I’ve got When the Walls Fell waiting on my kindle and can’t wait to get started.