Return of the Warlock

Episode Five and Six are now LIVE


Episode Five

Episode Six









So I have finally published Episode Five and Episode Six, which means my first season, in the Amelia Bennett Chronicles, is finally finished. Well… not really. I still want to completely redo the covers and I now need to create a box set, which will hopefully end up earning me more money. So even though they’re written and published I’m not yet done.

I will never be done.

Never, ever.


Ok I’m better now.

I’m actually super excited to have them published and, while yes, it is kind of daunting to know that there is still so much work to do, at least the story is out there. And it’s pretty much complete. I, of course, left an opening for more and I’d love to write more, but this story is over so if I die, out of nowhere, no one will be left wondering what happens next. So that’s good.

I’m still taking a break this month on writing and it’s amazing how much I’ve been able to get done. My house isn’t as messy and I’ve taken a three part test to get an online job. I even planted a tree. I’m not sure if I got all that done because I’m not writing or if I would have gotten it done otherwise, but oh well. It’s done and that’s all that matters.

I’ve been trying to plan what I’m going to write next but other than the next episode of Amelia Bennett I’m not feeling anything else. I might just stick with her for a while since I feel inspired to do it. I’ve tried to create an outline but I don’t know if I have enough for an entire season or if I’m just going to do a novella or what’s going to happen. Maybe it will wind up being a fully fledged book.

As you can see I’m not hindered by expectations. Sure I’d probably gain more readers if I actually kept to a method, but who wants to do that? It’s all about what makes me happy, right? I don’t know. For now I’m trying to stick with a six episode season, but we’ll see what happens.

Also…Buy my books. Please. Now. Please. I’ll be your best friend. Maybe.