Sherrilyn Kenyon

Kill Your Darlings


I just finished reading Sherrilyn Kenyon’s book Styxx. For anyone unfamiliar with it there are about six hundred pages where she tortures the titular character. It’s numbing to the point where the brutal rape scenes stopped having an impact.

I’ve put my characters through some shit. I’ve made Amelia experience my worst nightmares. Episode six, which is still a rough draft, has her going through a lot of crap I hope to never experience. I’m not sure if I could ever put a character through six hundred pages of it, though.

I know I can’t coddle my characters, and I don’t, but I’m not sure if I could kill my favorites. I have plans to kill some, but there are certain ones that are off-limits. George R. R. Martin I will never be.

Could you kill a character, that you loved, if the story called for it?