Taste of Home

Three Fave 11/30/12

I’ve moved my Fave Three to Fridays because I need my weekends free to write and it’s easier to write a blog post at work than it is to actually write, plus I get more views on the weekdays then the weekends and it’s all about the views.

  1. Expendables 2 on Blu-Ray

My husband saw this in theatres three times I only saw it twice but it was pretty awesome. Like all good action movies the story isn’t much but the fight scenes are pretty great, even better than the first one. There were also a few deleted scenes that I really wish had made the movie.

2. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz: 100th Anniversary Edition

I actually got this for Christmas last year and I loved it but I never took the dust cover off until recently. I love hardcovers that are actually attractive and not just cheap looking like most now a day. This edition not only has a great cover under that ugly dust jacket but it has all of the original art work too.


3. Christmas Cooking Magazines

I love all the cookie recipes and the wonderful awesome pictures and pretty much everything about them. Taste of Home was the best this year but I enjoy all of them. It also helps that I’m trying to give up sugar and I’m an addict so this is like my porn. Lovely wonderful sugar. I need to go ask my husband again why I want chose to lose weight during the holiday season.